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Estate Planning for Families with Minor Children

Many young families put off estate planning, thinking they can address it down the road. But estate planning is vital to ensuring your children are taken care of, financially, physically, and emotionally, in the event of a worst-case scenario. Creating your plan early allows you the time to consider your options and develop the best plan for your family’s needs – and offers you peace of mind. Please join me for this webinar, where I will present a brief overview of some of the estate planning options available for parents with minor children.   Read more

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We'd like to thank you for visiting our “Video Essentials” page. Kroloff is known throughout the valley for going the extra mile in supporting our community. Now, in this new century, we are providing free videos and webinars to help inform and educate our community on important and timely subjects. They’re all right here on our website and our YouTube channel. Take a moment to view some of them. We hope that this will become a consistent benefit to businesses and individuals in the area.  Read more

Estate & Succession Planning for Business Owners

This free webinar covers an amazing amount of crucial information regarding the need for estate planning for individuals and succession planning for businesses and a lot more! Including: Why you need an Estate Plan as soon as possible. How shares of stock, partnership interests and LLC membership interests should be titled. Properly planning for issues related to family-owned businesses. Buy-Sell Agreements: What are they and why do you need one? Developing a succession plan for your business. Estate Tax planning: Strategic gifting to avoid estate tax.  Read more

Kroloff Shareholder Jamie Bossuat, Webinar on Employer Considerations for Returning Employees to Work

Employment Law is changing during the Pandemic and Jamie Bossuat gives key information to help businesses when employees are ready to return to work from a COVID-19 leave.  Read more

Meals & Rest Periods

Providing legally compliant meal and rest breaks in California is a subject that many employers find confusing and frustrating.  This Business  Brief will explain California’s meal and rest break requirements for a typical workplace, including who qualifies for them, who is exempt, the timing of meal and rest breaks, and the payment of meal period premiums or rest period premiums.  Read more

Overtime in California

This Business Brief addresses the commonly misunderstood issue of how to determine when an employee is entitled to receive overtime pay in California and how to calculate the overtime premium and the “regular rate of pay” for employees earning a flat hourly rate, multiple different hourly rates, or a flat sum bonus Read more

Employment Records

We receive frequent questions from our clients regarding best practices for maintaining employee records such as personnel files, payroll records, timesheets, and employee health information. This Busines Brief addresses how these records should be kept in your business, who should have access to them, and how long they must be retained. Read more

Independent Contractors

Who qualifies as an independent contractor in California has changes over the last few years with the Dynamex case, the passing of AB 5, Proposition 22 (“Prop 22”). This webinar will address how to evaluate whether your workers and contractors are properly classified under current law. Read more

The California Family Rights Act

Beginning on January 1, 2021, the California Family Rights Act (“CFRA”) expanded to cover employers with 5 or more employees. All businesses should update their employee handbooks to reflect this new change and should understand how to implement CFRA leave for their business. Read more

Commissioned Sales Employees

California has specific requirements for employees who are paid a commission for sales. This Business Brief will address some of the basics of paying commissioned sales persons, what should be included in a commission agreement, and who qualifies as an exempt outside salesperson. Read more

COVID-19 Vaccination Update For Employers

This Business Brief addresses the current state of the law regarding whether employers can require or incentivize their employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and what some of the potential legal issues are in implementing a vaccine policy.  Read more

2021 Employment Law Update

There have been some crucial employment laws passed in 2020 that change requirements for employers in many key areas. This informative webinar will help you stay abreast and compliant in 2021. Read more

Covid-19's Second Wave - What Business Owners Should Know

COVID-19 stay at home orders and workplace regulations are changing rapidly.  This webinar will go over some of the most important topics business owners should know to reduce their liability. If you have any questions about these issues after the webinar, please feel free to reach out to me. Read more

Estate Planning & Young Families

Kroloff Attorney, Courtney S. Hayes presents a free webinar on Estate Planning & Young Families.  Many younger families are unsure if they need to do estate planning and Courtney shares some substantial reasons why you should consider having something ready.  Read more

Kroloff Webinar - COVID 19 Leave Options

The Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA) provides for paid leave to employers of businesses with fewer than 500 employees. It is critical that employers properly apply paid and unpaid leave when employees are out of work for reasons related to COVID-19. Read more

Ki Ingersol, Counsel at Kroloff, Belcher, Smart, Perry & Christopherson, gives a webinar entitled “Starting a New Company - Key Considerations"

Ki Ingersol, a business attorney at the Kroloff law firm in Northern California, shares crucial pros and cons for starting a new business or company. Discover the key considerations for Partnerships, LLC’s, C-Corp’s, S-Corp’s and more. Read more

Jason L. Perisho, a tax attorney at Kroloff, reveals crucial information about the IRS.

How can the law protect you? How does it work? How does the IRS choose to do an audit? And much more. From penalties to payments, from employment tax to personal tax – this video is chocked full of valuable information for anyone dealing with the IRS. Read more

Jamie M. Bossuat, Shareholder at Kroloff – Addressing a COVID-19 Infection or Exposure in Your Workplace

This webinar was given on June 29th by employment lawyer, Jamie Bossuat at Kroloff. Laws are changing rapidly and there is a ton of possible liability as a business owner. We hope this information will be a great help. Read more