Employment and Labor Litigation

Kroloff, Belcher, Smart, Perry & Christopherson represents a variety of businesses, governmental entities, non-profits, and other organizations with respect to employment and labor issues.  Our clients include farms and ranches, lending institutions, manufacturers, retailers, food processing plants, trucking companies, hospitals, health care providers, cities and counties, water and irrigation districts, non-profit organizations, and many other businesses.  We also represent employees as claimants on a selected basis.

Litigation - Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Termination
We represent our clients aggressively in employment-related lawsuits and administrative proceedings. Types of cases include discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, whistle-blower, reasonable accommodation, defamation, and many other matters.  Our success in disposing of litigation through pre-trial motions and jury trials is well known.  We are also responsive to controlling litigation costs and expenses, in keeping with our philosophy of efficient representation.

Other Employment and Labor Matters
We also regularly represent clients in wage and hour disputes, workers’ compensation discrimination claims, employee benefit issues, labor negotiations, and other employment-related matters.