Estate Planning

Kroloff, Belcher, Smart, Perry & Christopherson has several attorneys with extensive experience in estate planning, probate, and related litigation matters.  In addition, we have a knowledgeable paralegal staff to assist us in handling probate and estate planning matters in an efficient and economical fashion.

Our goal in estate planning is to develop a personally-tailored estate plan for each client.  We work closely with our clients to analyze the client’s assets and objectives and then assist the client in formulating a plan to transfer his or her assets to designated beneficiaries (either during the client’s lifetime, upon his or her death, or both) with a minimum of loss due to taxes and administrative expenses.  We often prepare a revocable trust for a client as a major component of his or her estate plan.

We also advise clients on the use of Healthcare Directives, and Durable Powers of Attorney for asset management. 

We often advise clients concerning more advanced estate planning techniques, including charitable trusts, irrevocable trusts, intra-family sales, and the use of family business entities, including family partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.